Wools, gold, and silver went east. Further iterations of Silk Road have appeared, as well as other sites offering similar services. BETWEEN MESOPOTAMIA and CHINA stretched Central Asia, large, barren, hostile—a wasteland. The Silk Road was a name to all routes through Syria, Turkey, Iran, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, India to China. The term “Silk Road” was translated from the German term given it by a wealthy merchant who plied these ancient routes. Required fields are marked *. background-size: 26px 26px; The Silk Road allowed kingdoms and countries to exchange goods, traditions, and cultures. Silk Road Facts & Worksheets The Silk Road was an ancient network of trade routes which connected Europe and Asia. The history of sericulture in China is a long one. Silk Road 2.0 survived for about a year until it too was shut down and the alleged operator arrested. Named for the Chinese silk trade, which utilized these routes, the Silk Road had great historic significance. The Silk Road is first reported to have been used during the Han Dynasty (206 BC-220 AD) in China, but recent archaeological evidence including the domestication history of a series of animals and plants, such as barley, indicates that trade managed by the ancient steppe societies across the central Asian deserts began at least 5,000-6,000 years ago. It is thought that the bubonic plague, or Black … Maritime Silk Road: Although the Silk Road is most often considered to be a land-based route, people often neglect the importance of sea travel to the emergence of trade. It remained in use until the late Middle Ages . 4.3 kilometers above sea level, the tomb contained Chinese silk, ceramic and bronze vessels, and a mask of pure gold, revealing contact between Chinese and Tibetan merchants. The Silk Road was an ancient network of trade routes, formally established during the Han Dynasty of China, which linked the regions of the ancient world in commerce between 130 BCE-1453 CE. Trade on the road reached its peak during the rule of Kublai Khan’s Yuan Dynasty. The main Silk Road had a southern branch (cutting through the Karakorum. display: inline-block; Using one single name for this intricate web of trade routes is a modern invention; the name Silk Road was coined by the geographer Ferdinand von Richthofen in … The term “Silk Road” was first used in 1877 by Ferdinand von … } In the 1500s sailing became popular for trade and the Silk Road fell away into history. vertical-align: middle; The Silk Road is the world renown ancient trade route that originated during the Western Han Dynasty (1046 BC - 771 BC), stretching from Chang’an (now Xi’an) all the way to the Mediterranean. Buddhism spread from India to Central Asia and China via an overland network of major and minor routes popularly called the Silk Road. Further iterations of Silk Road have appeared, as well as other sites offering similar services. background-position: 0 50%; The Silk Road was a group of trade routes that went across Asia to the Mediterranean Sea.This let China trade with the Middle East and the Mediterranean world.. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Your email address will not be published. History / By tommy. Write for us | The Silk Road was also used to import and export. and the 1450s A.D., isn't actually just one road. China also received Nestorian Christianity and Buddhism (from India) via the route. The Silk Road was an ancient network of trade routes that extended from Eastern Europe to China. Because the Mongols controlled so much of the route, Chinese merchants were encouraged to cross it because it was so safe. The Silk Roads is a vast region that include complex networks of maritime and land routes. Following Ross Ulbricht’s arrest in October 2013, Silk Road 2.0 was temporarily re-opened by administrators of the original site. font-size: 14px; Even today, the Silk Road runs through one of the harshest desert environments in the world, with little water or vegetation or life. These connections resulted in the trading of goods, notably silk… As you might have guessed, the silk road is not a road made from silk. The Silk Road began over 2,100 years ago.. About this quiz: All the questions on this quiz are based on information that can be found on the page at Ancient China - The Silk Road. Traders and travelers began using the Silk Road more than 2,000 years ago. Khan Academy is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. The Silk Road began as a trade route during the Han Dynasty of 207 BC to 220BC, expanding in 114 BC, and continuing until the 1400s. Today, a small part of the old route is a paved highway between Pakistan and China . Most of them were content to trade with the communities and cities they encountered along the route. If you have heard the term ‘The New Silk Road’, it refers to the Eurasian Land-Bridge which runs between. 18 Seductive Facts about the Silk Road In 2005, monks discovered an 1,800-year-old tomb in Tibet that revealed a long-lost branch of the Silk Road. For webquest or practice, print a copy of this quiz at Ancient China - The Silk Road webquest print page. The silk road is a name coined by German geographer F. Von Richtofen in 1877, but it refers to a trade network used in antiquity. At the time, silk was only made in China, and it was a valuable material. These connections resulted in the trading of goods, notably silk, and the spread of ideas and diseases. The Chinese government believes it can greatly spur China's growth and influence by constructing land and sea transportation facilities to make trade and travel more economical and quicker and is announcing plans for this trillion dollar project. Today, a small part of the old route is a paved highway between Pakistan and China. padding-left: 32px; By the 1500s, The date of the Silk Road’s demise is important because the route only got its name in 1877. As a 4000-mile (6,437 kilometres) trip, the Silk Road was given its name by German geographer Ferdinand Freiherr von Richthofen in 1970s, from the lucrative Chinese silk trade which was carried out along its length. Recommended Tour Itineraries for China Expats, Why China's Silk Road Is So Significant — 10 Reasons that Changed the World, Silk Road Travel Tips (a China Silk Road Travel Guide). Maritime Silk Road History and Society. Howzat! The Silk Road. SILK ROAD. Survey of second-wave civilizations.
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