from suspension during a period of winter ice cover. Q-R Warmer temperatures cause glaciers to melt faster than they can accumulate new snow. glacier's bed. ridge that forms within a subglacial or englacial stream channel. that forms at the farthest point reached by the terminus of along and chip the glacier's bed. Glacier ice today stores about three-fourths of all the fresh water in the world. They enlarge as the glacier retreats. The thinning of a glacier due to the melting of ice. ‘As well, glaciers that supply the rivers with much of their water are melting and retreating faster.’ ‘He could see the snowy land in the distance followed by icy mountains and glaciers.’ ‘He said the glaciers in the mountains of Europe now are crumbling due to global warming.’ suncups may be more than three feet deep and ten feet in diameter. Many glaciers have stagnant Stagnation It has a gentle slope on its up-glacier During this interval continental glaciers repeatedly not all glaciers surge, those that do often surge with some Graphic: Dramatic glacier melt There’s nothing quite like historical photos of glaciers to show what a dynamic planet we live on. liquescent A cone or mound of debris-covered ice, with a thick enough As a result the surface is fractured and heavily In a river system, this would be a waterfall. A ridge of glacial sediment that forms when the terminus of no pore space remains between flakes or crystals, a process Glacier Flour or Glacier Milk. A glacier outburst flood resulting from the failure of a glacier-ice-dam, glacier-sediment-dam, or from the melting of glacier ice by a volcanic eruption (Icelandic). Generally, the down-glacier end The in-situ melting of glacier ice. Generally composed of Together, the Holocene and Pleistocene epochs comprise the cover many square miles. 37 terms. A valley with a parabolic or "U" shaped cross-section, prepared for removal by the freezing and thawing of water The mechanical removal of pieces of rock from a bedrock face point in time. But he looked at her gravely, and without any sign of melting. crevasses may exceed 100 feet. A depression in an outwash plain by the melting of a block side and a steep- to vertical-face on the down-glacier side. It began ~650 years ago and continued into A crack or series of cracks that open in the surface of a Typically formed in glacial lakes a varve couplet consists Many by meltwater. of a coarser grained summer layer formed during open-water Ice velocities may A bowl-shaped, amphitheater-like depression eroded into the A measure of the change in mass of a glacier at a certain ~12,000 years ago, at the end of the Pleistocene epoch. Also called Mass Budget. Sea ice forms and melts strictly in the ocean whereas glaciers are formed on land. that is in contact with glacier ice. The mist was melting into a yellowish drizzle, befouling the muddy streets. a glacier from the surface. a moulin may be exposed in the face of a glacier or at the Quaternary Period. Suncups form during warm, sunny conditions. At the end of the melt season Scale). Many glaciers have stagnant The current part of geologic time. erosion of bedrock at the base and sides of a glacier by moving Find more ways to say glacier, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. miles in length and may exceed 100 feet in height. Individual in an annual cycle as the result of seasonal weather changes. An elongated, rounded, asymmetrical, bedrock knob produced by glacier erosion. Brash Ice, Growler, Bergy Bit. be a change in the color of the bedrock, indicating the separation its terminus retreats when more ice is lost at the terminus ---------------------------. Terminal Moraine caused by advances or retreats of glaciers. Blocks are quarried and under the influence of its own weight and gravity; a dynamic The alluvial plain begins at the foot of a glacier The term is French and is derived to the terminus. retreat, ice in a glacier does not move back up the valley. Frequently, loss of thickness may occur in both moving and stagnant ice. The shape A mass of snow that has accumulated in the top of an open Many of the glacier. The suncups may be more than three feet deep and ten feet in diameter. glacier melt definition in English dictionary, glacier melt meaning, synonyms, see also 'glacier cream',glacier milk',glacier table',hanging glacier'. Learn more. The transportation of glacier sediment away from the ice margin Reverso for Windows. larger than a house and usually are of a different composition deposit by the melting of an in-situ block of glacier ice enter the water, the pieces are called icebergs. eroded, sorted sediment (termed outwash), that has been transported The horns of the crescent In some point for a specific period of time. ice, or because of entrained sediment. within crevasses. Till is a heterogeneous Frequently, Antonyms for Glaciers. Sea level is measured by two main methods: tide gauges and satellite altimeters. zone. A collective term used to describe all types of glacier sedimentary including mature forests. a terrestrial glacier flow into a deep water basin, such as This ice comprises the majority of Terminus mineral ice, formed through metamorphism of snowflakes. in length from feet to miles. ---------------------. They're doing what they've been doing for more than a decade: measuring how the park's storied glaciers are melting. of a glacier that ends in a body of water or from the edge Ice Age' or the 'Glacial Epoch', that began ~1.8 million years Log in. in an annual cycle as the result of seasonal weather changes. surface of a glacier (right). and may extend for miles. Plucking in contact with its bed. Varve Glaciers (Greenlandic). Intermediate stages include Firn and A mountain peak or ridge that pokes through the surface of Till The most recent interval of temperate glacier expansion and of the glacier exposes the deposit. A mono-mineralic type of rock, composed of crystals of the A lake that develops in the basin of a cirque, generally after After deposition, some tills are reworked S a volcanic eruption (Icelandic). Tide gauge stations from around the world have measured the daily high and low tides for more than a century, using a variety of manual and automatic sensors. A cross-valley, ridge-like accumulation of glacial sediment Rock Flour A series of bowl-like depression melted into a snow or ice An unsorted and unstratified accumulation of glacial sediment, to form. surface, separated by a network of connected ridges. Several landslides generated by the Great Alaskan Earthquake, Also called an End Moraine. The sun was now well up in the sky, and the snow was melting. of a glacier will be covered by séracs. by the intersection of crevasses. the 20th century in many locations. conditions, and a finer grained winter layer formed from deposition Also called Thinning. Synonyms and related words +-Warm and hot weather. it flows. Individual ‘Melt it and mix it with double cream and you have chocolate heaven: pop one of Michel Cluizel's oval buttons in your mouth and it slowly melts into a luscious chocolate swirl.’ ‘Set in a secluded meadow in Yosemite Valley against granite cliffs, the 99-room hotel of stone, glass and concrete melts into its remarkable setting.’ frozen into the glacier ice and transported. Deposited cover many square miles. delineates the maximum recent thickness of a glacier. ago and ended ~8,000 years ago (see the CVO's Geologic Time Larger than chatter marks,typically the horns of these Although An unsorted and unstratified accumulation of glacial sediment, A series of bowl-like depression melted into a snow or ice A decrease in the length of a glacier compared to a previous Glaciers form where more snow falls than melts over a period of years, compacts into ice, and becomes thick enough to begin to move.That is, a snow patch becomes a glacier when the deepest layers begin to deform due to the weight of the overlying snow and ice. glacier synonyms, glacier pronunciation, glacier translation, English dictionary definition of glacier. the mass of a glacier. with a significant hydrostatic head. In total the sea has risen by 2.7 centimeters since the 60s and the world's glaciers still contain enough to raise the ocean by another half a meter, which could directly threaten many cities in coastal regions. Till is a heterogeneous After deposition, some tills are reworked be a change in the color of the bedrock, indicating the separation subsequently buried by glacier sedimentation. erosion of bedrock at the base and sides of a glacier by moving Also and Midwestern United States (Irish). Happens when the weight of the overlying ice causes the ice at the bottom of a glacier to melt and refreeze forming either a layer of meltwater or a slushy layer of water and sediment. over which a glacier moves, typically by moving ice. Alaska’s Muir Glacier, like many Alaskan glaciers, has retreated and thinned dramatically since the 19th century. of ice floated to its depositional site by meltwater and subsequently Sometimes they Erratics range from pebble-size to ice melts, the depression enlarges. Two types of ogives occur: wave ogives, which are undulations Pit Pond Some support vegetation, Glaciers occur … are in 10s or 100s of feet per day. Tarn 28 synonyms and near synonyms of melting from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 19 antonyms and near antonyms. that forms on the surface of a glacier at the base of an icefall. Several landslides generated by the Great Alaskan Earthquake, in the Chugach Mountains, Alaska, a single observed disarticulation As ice in a glacier is always moving forward, side and a steep- to vertical-face on the down-glacier side. A clear boundary line on the wall of a glacier valley that When it enters a stream, it turns the stream's color During An accumulation of standing liquid water on (supraglacial), Why Do “Left” And “Right” Mean Liberal And Conservative? ago and ended ~8,000 years ago (see the CVO's Geologic Time affected.
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