with student academic performance. And so is the rate of stress. The Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support program, a teaching and training organization for professional educators, cites numerous studies on its website that suggest students with poor classroom behavior often struggle with academic skills. They would have their doubts unsolved rather than go in front of the class and speak up in front. You … That being said, here are the best strategies and exam preparation techniques to improve the academic performance of so-called “weak” students: Vote of Confidence. A sample of 109 undergraduate students from the College's Department of Economic and Business Sciences was High quality work does not come easily the first time. Slow Learner. If you are poor at math, practice daily. It makes the work or task not as good as expected. motivated to study and there will never be a tag of “weak student” on you ever. little less IQ level with less picking capacity. How to help weak students 1. Maybe the targeted student excels in art, kinesthetic activities, music, working well with others, technology, etc. used at the end of a senten, QUOTE OF THE DAY Students, at an early age have to be taught how to: • self-regulate their learning • set their own academic goals • develop strategies to meet their goals • reflect on their academic performance There are n numbers of ways to help such slow learners to Getting psychological aid to help them conquer the hurdles of academic pressure and relieve out the stress is of the highest priority. 3) To know whether the learning concept and conceptual schemes will increase the performance of students … Behavior academic outcomes refer to the changes that student actions can have on the ability to maintain good performance in the classroom. Making your mind focusing on one point for a long time yields inaccurate results and strains the mind. One of the most effective steps taken to improve weak students: do not be afraid to look at your mistakes. On the other hand, notes keep your mind focused and are proven to facilitate better memory retention, thereby. Behaviorally challenging child. their learning styles and natural aptitudes), there are several key strategies which can be applied to accelerate anyone’s performance. it too. As educators, we always want students to succeed and excel, and look for ways to encourage that growth.In recent years, researchers have studied many aspects of academic success. In this post Scott outlines five strategies to improve academic performance. = 0.85) and the strategies to improve academic performance (p < .001, d = 1.37). Asking out and solving each other’s problems helps in better understanding of the subject. How to improve presentation skills and communication skills? These study techniques and exam preparation strategies will surely help boost your academic performance and help you excel. All students have the capacity in themselves to work smart, learn effectively, and conduct strong exam preparation to boost their academic performance. Concept maps, where students make explicit connections between different ideas, help students to reflect on their understanding (Zohar and Barzilai, 2013) and have a particular benefit for students with lower prior attainment (Haugwitz et al., 2010). How to improve my personality and attitude? Not all kids are naturally wired for traditional paper and pencil tasks. Devote time to those subject areas adequately. Educational research now draws connections between success in strictly academic subjects and the participation in arts programs. They require extra attention ... and they had very poor knowledge of vocabularies used in various subjects, they had weak English capacity to the extent of failing to make good and logical sentence in English. Explanations can improve the accuracy of students’ monitoring. That being said, here are the best strategies and exam preparation techniques to improve the academic performance of so-called “weak” students: Firstly, discard the term “weak students”. Gifted student. Give yourself a chance to solve all the past papers as many times as possible. Chart out a plan for how to spend sufficient time on each subject. Learning is a complex phenomena. Your email address will not be published. : The answer for this question is explained here. Here are a few ways to improve the academic performances of weak students: 1. excited to work more hard and receive that treat in the end! If you only read passively, your mind wanders off frequently and it is difficult to retain information. Being weak in academics is not a choice but sheer lack of motivation to do well. Weak students are lazy and have no set routine in their life. What are the qualities of a good team leader? and motivation. Generally homework sets are well done since students more or less help each other out, but in quizzes and exams this … Use the given hint to guess the personality. It’s essential to focus on those key, positive areas first. Can you guess the answer? Here are a few ways to improve the academic are boring is a total myth. In this new world of pace, everyone and everything is going at a very fast rate. However, many are unable to do so simply because they don’t know how to go about it. . This way, you will study in accordance with your attention span, thereby increasing the productivity of your exam preparation and preventing your mind from wandering while you read a chapter and solve the past papers. They feel embarrassed and ponder themselves with self-doubt to speak up. . academic performance of students in secondary schools. It is important to review your notes and read your books. Students become more motivated about learning and confident in their abilities. In this article I am going to tell you about the best way to improve academic performance of weak students. This method is a great way to learn better and score more marks. want to work for them more. This will help in increasing student thinking, memory capacity and will … A mental well-being is of utmost importance for any student. Read Also: How to improve my personality and attitude. Creating timetables are a great way of setting a particular routine for studies. Unfortunately, in a class of such strong students, the weak student sticks out like a sore thumb. It is always said that a friend is your closest teacher. It implies that the student is dull, lazy, and unable to ever achieve academic or professional success. . How to improve academic performance of weak students? Struggling to remember all the facts for an exam leads to less marks. If truth be told, social media has a positive influence on education, helping students improve their academic performance. In other words, have several small study sessions that are 30-40 minutes long. A bank of self-confidence is needed in order to gain the motivation to self-study and learn effectively. Firstly, discard the term “weak students”. The timetable should not just be all studies and no play, otherwise following such routine would be very difficult and less motivated to follow the routine. reach their goal and perform well. How students are disciplined has been an issue since the inception of public education. It is not possible for a human mind to sit in one place for too long and storm their mind into focusing on one point. Top 10 ways to improve academic performance of weak students. you reward them with a treat whenever they do a trick, weak students should do Reading the same lessons again and again , solving the same questions ,attempting repeated efforts in solving question papers are a few ways to help you recall. the mention of it always draws a sense of rejection. The intervention group students’ response high-lighted program satisfaction and effectiveness. There are n numbers of ways to help such slow learners to reach their goal and perform well. The personalized approach works especially with the students who are struggling with the academics. Timetables create an urge of accomplishment and make the mind tend to have the impression of being under a deadline. Develop the habit of writing while you study. Leverage the digital tools that are out there Improving the academic performance of students needs a holistic and a more personalized approach to the students. Asking questions in class makes you more attentive and concentrated, which is a lot helpful in getting good marks. This is … Student with special needs. Due to such differences some students are categorized into fast learners and slow learners. Making them feel low about their grasping ability or even Provide consistent feedback. One student in particular is doing extremely poorly. If you only read passively, your mind wanders off frequently and it is difficult to retain information. Required fields are marked *. The key to performing well in school and final exams is frequent revision. Insist on multiple drafts of increasing quality. . Many weak students are less confident enough to speak up in class and ask questions. According to the (CDC) Centers for Disease Control and Prevention , students between the age of 6 to 12 need 9 to 12 hours of sleep; for teenagers, 8 to 10 hours of sleep is … Studies are always universally As behavior academic outcomes relate to negative situations and poor actions by students, the classroom environm… completed or every time you receive your expected score in your subjects. punishing them for it, only demotivates such Weak students and not help them Organizing your time will make you value your time more and you will feel more encouraged to utilize your time for your studies in the best possible way. 20. Also, practice exams are a great idea to start with so you can identify your weaknesses and work on them. Differential learner. But the fact that studies 22. . Get ahold of the previous five-year solved past papers for your particular educational board. These Weak students are nothing but students with a Any learning demands self interests, inquisitiveness, positive attitude, agility, diligence and determination at any stages of life. Solving your friend’s doubts gives you a sense of internal accomplishment and boosts your morale. To improve the academic performance of the students it is important to motivate those students in the right direction and for … grow. If you have ever observed, successful people always seem to be punctual and organized in their life as well as behavior. Ways of Improving Students Performance from Instructors Perspectives Students’ factors (i) Students should have a positive attitude towards learning, never skip classes and having competitive spirits and strong self-motivation. Weak students think that if they study for long hours they would accomplish their goal, but that is completely not true. Cluttering of any kind stalls our ability to operate efficiently or even think freely. Each student has his own method and ways to process that information. . Give yourself a small 5-10 minute break between chunks to refresh your mind. He discovered that while some aspects of a student’s academic performance are very unique to them (i.e. Follow @tutoria_pk for updat, We believe that the opportunity lies in the middle, Quality is always the result of an intelligent eff, You can find one bookworm in ten while the majorit, Cammy Bean is a senior solutions consultant with K, Students are going head over heels as Shafqat Mahm. What do you want to become when y, Sharks have upper and lower eyelids, but the lids, In this digital era, travelling towards academies, Free Crash Courses of 9th class, now available on, With tutoria.pk, you can study at any time and any, Elliott Masie is an educational technology expert, WORD OF THE DAY Gamifying your studies is a great way to make it fun and So, develop a sense of confidence and remind yourself that you are capable of achieving academic excellence. That is why secondary school teachers need to be able to employ some of the strategies discussed to help students improve their performance and willingness to take on risks academically (for a complete listing of all the strategies presented and how to access additional information, see Table 1). Utilize a daily planner to keep track of due dates for assignments, projects, presentations, events, quizzes and exams. To be able to solve your friend’s doubts and receive their praise, you tend to study beforehand. On the other hand, notes keep your mind focused and are proven to facilitate better memory retention, thereby improving your academic performance. ... sources that are used to improve the academic performance of the students. Stress creates a feeling of nonperformance and self-doubt. The mind space should be full of calm and composure. 21. Each student has his or her own ability and capability of grasping knowledge and information. Websites like Naukri : Top 10 Naukri Alternatives. The significance of the study lies in reinforcing the formal tutoring as a tool to improve academic performance in at-risk students. Your email address will not be published. And will then motivate them more and make them feel worth full. Academic pressure leads to stress and lack of concentration amongst some students. 2) To help our students/children understand and interpret our environment. . You could create Best Study Sources for O Levels Study Notes, How Much Money Will it Take to Study in Canada, powered & designed by E-Learning Services Pvt Ltd | all rights reserved © 2020, How to Improve Academic Performance of Weak Students, Therefore, it is important to eradicate the use of the label “weak students” and instead promote knowledge of the best learning techniques and, Develop the habit of writing while you study. When teachers have … This helps to show where students need improvement. whenever you achieve a goal. students’ academic performances 3.2. Get 8-10 hours of sleep each night and try to get to bed by 11pm. Best Personal Development Blogs to Follow. Reread unsuccessful academic reports again and again, find mistakes, edit them, and try your best even when it seems that everything is already good. As a school looking to drive improvement, your students need good teachers trained in effective strategies to teach strong academic knowledge and skills. Remember to keep a positive attitude, and work diligently to reap the benefits of your education. Therefore, it is important to eradicate the use of the label “weak students” and instead promote knowledge of the best learning techniques and exam preparation strategies. Insist on high quality by having students polish their work. This way, all students, strong and weak, will have the opportunity to improve their academic performance. You should keep contact information for all of your instructors in this as well. Divide the syllabus into small, topic-wise “chunks”. Don't forget that you have a couple of weak points as well. Where slow learners are tended to be called as “Weak Students”. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. If you study a chapter once and then forget about it, it becomes difficult to recall in the final exams. students, especially those in Title 1 schools, with social-emotional problems in self-regulation, stress management, and empathy. Where to go on the first date with a Guy. Writing handwritten notes is a great way to engage your mind and body during exam preparation. . In 1770, William Blackstone applied the phrase in loco parentis, which literally means in place of the parents, to educators. performances of weak students: In this new world of pace, everyone and everything is going at a very fast rate. This can shatter their self-esteem and dissolve any efforts towards improving their exam preparation and academic performance. _____ needs to learn how to listen better, and is often a distraction to fellow students. Students weak in their academics tend to be less confident in nature. Repetition is needed in order to keep the syllabus fresh in your mind and to develop long-term memories. Studies can be made equally fun and enjoyable if Can you remember some other words which are same, A punctuation mark (.) This knowledge transfer is critical to improving student performance. 1) To make students become familiar with the key operations of scientist as a strategy that will improve performance. The study employed qualitative research design. Group studying is a great way for students to bond together and work out their doubts. Psychological aid. . One of the main reasons for lower grades is the lack of practice and revision. Students with a less retention rate should be extra careful to take care that they recall their studies and not lose their confidence. This creates lack of self confidence in the student and they start to look away from studies even more. Getting organized with your notes, books your desk will make you more encouraged to explore them. How to improve academic performance of weak students? You can use the solutions in the solved past papers to also improve your answer-writing techniques for maximum marks in the final exams. It creates a sense of bondage and less space. Without self-confidence, students will become more and more discouraged from their studies. So use a variety of revision strategies such as flashcards, mind maps, video tutorials, mock exams with solved past papers, and teaching a study buddy to help you better retain the information. Once you start enjoying your studies, you will always be This is the best way to apply the knowledge you gain from studying the syllabus, and also gives you the best exam preparation for your educational board. The students’ performance (academic achievement) plays an important role in producing the best quality graduates who will become great leader and manpower for the country thus responsible for the country’s economic and social development (Ali et.al, 2009). Such students should always consider the idea of group studying. Punishing such students for their weak grades or even making fun of them is only going to demotivate them even more to do well. Everyone loves it when someone treats and rewards them, it makes you Your child is making great strides in their academic standings, and has consistently shown improvement in weak subject areas. It makes you pay more attention in class, which results in better understanding of the subject. Follow @tutoria_pk for up. The success of teaching is reflected by academic performance of students. Follow @tutoria_p, The comma , is a punctuation mark that appears in, Malala, is a Pakistani activist for female educati, MEME OF THE DAY. The objective of this study was to investigate the differential effectiveness of teaching methods on students' academic performance. Writing handwritten notes is a great way to engage your mind and body during exam preparation. used smart techniques. How to improve my personality and attitude. Your email address will not be published. If needed, your child accepts responsibilities and is willing to accept the consequences to their actions. Just in the same way, you could reward yourself Establish a culture of planning, rough drafts, critiques, and polishing work. Weak students can be categorized into several sections: ADD/ADHD. Taking proper intervals refreshes the mind and its ability to grasp more information. Whatever the condition and situation of the student may be, follow these magic tips for bringing out the best from the weak students: Keep and maintain eye contact Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. In this way you would always be motivated and Do revisions and practices. Stick to your plan at any cost. . The stigma associated with the term “weak students” can be harmful. considered boring. Student academic Asking questions in class not only solves your doubts but also boosts confidence. This goal can never be achieved without school discipline. Sleep Can Improve Academic Performance FAQs How much sleep should a school child get? Thus, to help such students improve, encouraging them with a smile and finding out their individual strengths and making them use it will bring confidence back into their lives. Being organized gives you a sense of accomplishment and space. Timetables are a great way to train the mind to follow orders and get things done. The success of any educational system is crowned by the success of the students in their academic performance. To improve academic performance it is very important to be disciplined and follow a particular routine. . Making a point to ask more questions in class makes you prepared in advance and boosts your confidence. Your email address will not be published. Just as the case with pets, where Every classroom layout and school structure should therefore be created to provide the most intrinsic way with which the learners can be motivated toward the learning process which consequently implies their good performance. Education experts, Paul Black and Dylan Wiliam, found that students whose teachers have used formative assessment with them significantly improved their performance on standardized tests. An important reason for scoring less in academics is due to lack of memory retention. When you ask your students a question, encourage them to elaborate the answers, comment on a statement and ask them to summarize topics that got covered in the session. Therefore, taking gaps in between is of utmost importance. Mention one or two positive attributes, and … Some weak students are not able to cope up with such pressure and the stress takes a toll on their mental health. Some require complete silence; some require personal attention, while some may even require group studies. approachable. More focus should be put upon the weak areas. This way, all students, strong and weak, will have the opportunity to improve their academic performance. Required fields are marked *. It is wisely said that the road to learning effectively, goes through asking questions. Setting up a timetable with proper planning is very important. Nobody has a long time span of sitting in one place for hours and trying to concentrate. Solve as many problems as you can. It is never considered in the list of fun activities. And As a result, the highest gains occurred … 5. Read These 3 Simple Skills That Your Teachers Can Use To Impact Student Success Aremu (2003) identifies poor academic performance as a performance that is adjudged by the examiner and some other significant as falling your own rewarding system, where you can reward yourself for every chapter Soft skills, such as getting along with others, communication, persevering, dealing with setbacks, and problem solving are foundational to academic achievement and are built over time in settings through relationships. . The concept of academic failure can be defined as a stop of attempting because of the fear of committing errors, however, trying to achieve a goal can be considered a success even if it was less than expected. Thus, they are labeled as “weak students”. Have a consistent sleep schedule. Positive environment is very important as it gives motivation or inspiration to the students to perform well in their school and give good academic results. Summarising and revising the lessons.
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