Most of these rigorous programs, however, offer accelerated completion and take between 1 to 2 years to finish, depending on the student’s learning pace and acceptable transfer credits. Working adults can complete the same program in a year or less. The time you spend in the program, however, will significantly depend on your willingness to put in the extra work. Among fast online certification programs’ areas of focus are behavioral counseling, community engagement, crime investigation or cybersecurity, engineering and technology, and education. However, advertising isn’t the only field where you can put a marketing degree to good use. To help others choose nutrient-rich food that will help them achieve their healthy-living goals, go to college for a degree in nutrition. It provides ten online certificate programs that can be completed entirely online. Hi Stanley. Is a Political Science Degree Worth It? Associate degree holders take this type of certificate degree to gain advanced technical proficiency in a specific area. Your email address will not be published. The fast-paced learning environment will require you to spend more time studying and completing assignments, so don’t be surprised if it takes some time for you to find the balance between your education, career, and other daily obligations. Cornell University is the only Ivy League school offering online classes. Complete BCC’s online certificate programs in as early as 16 to 59 hours. In this degree program, you may also have the opportunity to study topics of special interest to you, such as the relationship between crime and gender or the way that the juvenile court system works. So, if you have been thinking, I need a degree fast , this is … Depending on your interests, you might work with budgets, programming, public relations or philanthropy. Earning a degree in emergency management can equip you with the skills to help during natural disasters, terrorist attacks or other stressful situations. 2-Week Certification - Get trained, certified, and hired in as little as 2 days! Typical time it takes to earn certificate: one year. This training can be from a certificate program, a two-year program, or even a four-year program. Studying psychology can help you understand the workings of the human mind and the ways that thought influences behavior. Your college coursework will probably involve classes in management, finance, human behavior, economics and product management. Typically, a certificate course may be completed between 16 and 21 credit hours. MOOCs (massive open online courses) are college-level courses published online and accessible to anyone in the world for free. Requirements vary from one program to another, especially regarding credit hours. Other applicable industries include market research, retail, product development, public relations, sales and brand recognition. How does it work? Penn Foster Career School’s fast online certificate programs are designed to complement the needs and schedule busy adults, with training that is delivered by tenured instructors. Your email address will not be published. You will also be able to view a copy of your course syllabus to help you stay on top of your weekly readings, lectures, and assignments. Many programs focus largely on British and American authors, but studying foreign works may be an option for you as well. It really depends on what kind of class you are taking and the instructor’s preferences. Earn quick certification in various areas of discipline such as Agriculture, Constructions, Manufacturing, Arts & Humanities, Business, Education, Healthcare, Hospitality & Human Services, Public Safety Administration, and in Science Technology, Engineering, Mathematics. DAE Required Course Professionals looking for practical ways of supplementing their resume should consider earning online undergraduate or graduate certificates from Indiana University-Bloomington. Salary and Employment Outlook: According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, drafters earn … Your college classes may address programming, operating systems, networks and databases. A high speed internet connection with a connection speed of 1.5 MB/s or better. Your college courses will probably cover literature from a variety of historical periods. A certificate degree from Central Texas College (CTC) allows students to obtain the skills required in science and the arts, hospitality, and automotive fields. Additional coursework may equip you to present your forensic findings through reports or in court. Some instructors require that you post once per week and reply to two other students’ posts. While earning a degree in computer science, you might take classes in databases, networks, algorithms and mathematics. All these programs are technically and professionally focused. These certification programs, which receive the highest enrollees in each term or academic year, require a previously earned undergraduate degree from an accredited institution. This program, coined “The Fast Track,” is all online and you work at your own pace. Your professor will be the one who decides how to deliver lectures, but in most cases, you learn and absorb class material on your own as you complete the assigned readings and related assignments. When you’re earning a degree in crime scene investigation, you’ll learn about evidence collection, fingerprinting, photography, firearms and ballistics. Other topics covered in an English program may include grammar, creative writing, persuasive writing and poetry. [2021 Guide], 2021 Best Online PhD in Political Science Programs, 25 Best Online Masters in Political Science [2021 Guide], Earn 30+ college credits per year while only taking 2 classes at a time, Login to your classes online, any time of the day or night, Complete more courses in a shorter period of time, Earn your degree faster than students enrolled in 16-week courses, Due to the accelerated pace, you will have to absorb course material more quickly, Shorter courses mean you will have shorter deadlines for assignments, Some subjects might seem more difficult to absorb at a faster pace, Accelerated class assignments are more concentrated and highly-focused, Greater demand for a structured study regime, Less time between exams and learning new material. With the availability of accelerated course options, you can get there faster, and many students (myself included) find that these classes are an exciting, challenging way to fast-track their degree program. The syllabus will usually tell you how to access the online library, research portals, and the university’s technical assistance department (if you’re having problems with the course software). Most online classes are asynchronous, meaning you can login to your class whenever you feel like it. Research job prospects so that you are better informed and prepared to make a smart decision. Yours Sincerely, Gain a certificate degree in Business Administration, Cybersecurity, Database Management and Administration, Entrepreneurship, Informatics, Information Technology Support, Software Development, Manufacturing Production and Operations, and General Education Core and Supply Chain Management or Logistics. List of colleges with 4 week online courses, List of colleges with 5 week online courses. After graduation, you might find employment with a government agency or work alongside various public organizations. The University of California-Los Angeles (UCLA) is one of the premier universities in the country offering over 60 online certificate programs. The certification process can last anywhere from 4-12 weeks, and depending on the state you live in, can require between 16-100 supervised clinical hours in order to become certified. Accelerated classes can be synchronous or asynchronous. The hardcover book goes for $139 on Amazon. //