© 2020 Duetone Corp. This paper proposes a joint iterative detection and decoding receiver (VJDD) scheme for transmitting verified messages based on a serial structure. More specifically, we jointly consider cache placement and file transmission in F-RAN, where fog access points (F-APs) serving as collaborative caching agents to provide caching for popular files, thus reducing the traffic from cloud and improving content delivery efficiency. Specifically, the concurrent transmissions which globally maximizes the spatial sharing gain while consuming the least energy at each time slot are identified by solving the ILP problem. In this paper, a novel method for carrier phase-based Wi-Fi indoor localization using finer-grained and more diverse carrier phase information of CSI is proposed to improve the localization accuracy. Consequently, the denoiser assists the traditional decoder in achieving far better bit error rate (BER) and frame error rate (FER) performance. Furthermore, it still remains unclear how to train the neural network for variable dimensions. As ICCC 2020 will be held online, regular and workshop papers accepted for ICCC 2020 will be presented online on August 9-11 along with keynotes, awards, etc. Virtual Conference. Numerical results validate the theoretical analysis that ergodic capacity converges with the approximate exponential rate function asymptotically and demonstrate that the proposed method has near-actual performance in terms of system SINR and trajectory heterogeneity. The formulated problem is a combinatorial optimization problem that is hard to tackle. As one of the ad hoc networks, VANET (Vehicular Ad-hoc Network) also faces the conflict between user numbers and resource limits. ICCC 2020 is going on now after the careful preparation of the Conference Organizing Committee. Simulation results show that the service traffic prediction mechanism can be used to predict service traffic in the future. The neural network (NN) has been widely used as a promising technique in fiber optical communication owing to its powerful learning capabilities. This paper studies a cooperative mobile edge computing (MEC) system with user cooperation, which consisting of a user, a helper, and an access point (AP). Besides, there are some security and privacy issues, such as the disclosure of patients' identities, the attacks from malicious users, etc. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, this edition of ICCC will be organized as a virtual conference. Simulations show that both ML-IG and DetNet-IG can provide better BER performance than ISIC, and DetNet-IG exhibits distinguished robustness against channel model incongruity. Renowned as the Mountain City, Chongqing is a magnet for visitors from home and abroad for its cultural heritage and numerous attractions including karst caves, hot springs, and gorges. Finally, on the basis of ensuring the demand of each slice, the resource allocation algorithm based on the primal-dual interior-point method is used to solve the optimal slice weight allocation to minimize the system delay. The transmission technology based on the traditional C-band standard single-mode fiber (SSMF) has approached its transmission capacity limit. Then, we propose a power allocation algorithm with intra-cluster power allocation and inter-cluster power allocation strategies to obtain the sub-optimal power allocation. Then, leveraging the advantages of LSTM in sequence learning, the timing characteristics of semantic information in TKG are learned to realize intelligent prediction of the equipment status. Overall, a viable solution to the joint design of the beamforming in IRS-aided MU-MIMO downlink communication systems is provided. The 5G has already been commercially deployed for more than one year. Mobile Edge Computing (MEC) is a promising solution to tackle the upcoming computing tsunami in space information network (SIN), by effectively utilizing the idle resource at the edge. However, existing networks might be destroyed or overloaded in disasters, the performance of real-time response and low latency is the crucial issue in disaster relief services. In this paper, we propose IBSS (identity-based secret sharing), which achieves efficient content distribution by using improved Shamir's secret sharing method. The aim of the conference workshops is to emphasize emerging topics not specifically covered in the main symposia. This presentation first introduces the basic principle and characteristics of the optical network and Multi-access Edge Computing, then several resource orchestration schemes are explained in detail, and the simulation results are discussed at the end. ²è¿›å…¥IEEE会议列表! 5 th International Conference on Computing, Communication and Security (ICCCS-2020) is a premier conference in the computer, communication and signal processing fields. The simulation results show that the distribution improves the distribution efficiency of existing CDNs with significant savings of bandwidth and delivery time. Considering the generalized Nakagami-m fading, we derive a new easy-to-compute expression for the coverage probability of the signal-interference-plus-noise ratio of the vehicle at the origin. Moreover, the system performance will become better with the number of receive antennas increases, as expected. Finally, our numerical and simulation results show that our proposed model with limited scatterers can capture the characteristics of massive MIMO V2V communication in crossroads scattering environments while agreeing well with the theoretical model, thereby demonstrating the efficiency of our model. 39 th IEEE -- International Performance Computing and Communications Conference: IPCCC 2020 (conference #50635) November 6 th - 8 th 2020 Virtual Conference IPCCC 2020 Conference Program IPCCC 2020 Proceedings The username and password to the site will be emailed to all conference attendees. To achieve low-latency as well as a high spectral efficiency, non-orthogonal multiple access (NOMA) technique is adopted. Conference Chair Prof. Yutaka Ishibashi, Nagoya Institute of Technology, Japan gave the opening remarks. Most of existing methods figure out the anomaly detection task by using graph convolution networks to embed the attributed networks. 5 th International Conference on Computing, Communication and Security (ICCCS-2020) is a premier conference in the computer, communication and signal processing fields. On real-world mobile traffic flows of various mobile applications at different base stations, we demonstrate that the proposed model is significantly superior to linear regression model in prediction performance. Typical channel propagation characteristics are analysed based on the channel measurement, including cross-polarization discrimination (XPD), correlation coefficient (CC), eigenvalue distributions (ED) of channel matrix, and capacity gain (CG). The simulation results demonstrate the efficiency and performance superiority of our proposed paradigm over the existing schemes. Afterwards, we propose a path following-based iteration algorithm to solve the original nonconvex optimization problem and finally obtain a suboptimal solution. This method simultaneously adapts the dynamic distribution according to the data distribution and the collection time span. Welcome to IEEE WCNC 2020 . Each presenter should prepare a video for your ICCC talk. Furthermore, as the sub-problems are non-convex, sequential convex approximation (SCA) algorithm is a good choice, which makes our scheme converge to the Karush-Kuhn-Tucker point. However, fingerprint-based localization method has a bottleneck, namely, the offline database construction is time-consuming and labor-intensive, which hampers its implementation and adaption. Our simulation results demonstrate that our proposed scheme can significantly reduce the number of unnecessary handovers. The optimal scheduling strategy is obtained by formulating the joint optimization of D2D pairing, parallel link selection and time slot allocation into an integer linear program (ILP) problem. Wi-Fi-based human activity recognition is playing a critical role in wireless sensing. In this paper, we develop a novel task offloading framework for AGI-VEC, which is called the learning-based Intent-aware Upper Confidence Bound (IUCB) algorithm. The expressions are functions of UAVs' altitudes and sector angles. CIS-01: Data Privacy, Session To improve the transmission efficiency, the sum rate of all IoT devices can be maximized by jointly optimizing the three-dimensional (3D) position of the UAV, beam pattern and transmit power. In our design, we consider the scenario of the 60 GHz wireless local area network (WLAN) systems. IoT-02: Green IoT, Session Based on the edge offload capability of 5G MEC, this system supports mapping sensor observations into a semantic description of the vehicle' s environment. To solve the problem, we propose several linearization methods to relax the constraints, and convert the original problem into an integer linear programming (ILP). To show the idea more concretely, we consider a multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) channel state information (CSI) acquisition approach. 2020 5th IEEE International Conference on Computing, Communication and Automation is being jointly organized by Aurel Vlaicu University of Arad, Romania & Galgotias University, India on October 30-31, 2020 at Galgotias University Greater Noida (NCR New Delhi) India. The 8th IEEE/CIC International Conference on Communications in China (ICCC2019) will be held in Changchun, China, 11-13 August 2019. In this paper, we did the channel measurements using dipole to form tri-polarized MIMO antennas with 100 MHz bandwidth at 4.9 GHz carrier frequency in Urban Microcell (UMi) scenario. Multi-sensor data fusion technique plays a key role in the agricultural services such as data collection and processing. 2020-03-02: 2020-08-03: EBECEGC: International Conference on Electrical and Bio-medical Engineering, Clean Energy and Green Computing: 2015-01-08: 2015-01-28: RSVT: International Conference on Robotics Systems and Vehicle Technology: 2020-10-20: 2020-12-03: Eurasia Graphics: Eurasiagraphics: 2020-09-14: 2020-12-07: SSPHE Since its commencement in 2012, the ICCC conference has grown steadily from a brand new conference with a strong vision, to a unique venue in bringing toge. This system consists of multiple edge nodes and a server node. Virtual Conference Instructions for Registered Participants. ICCC 2020第三轮投稿截止时间9月15日 。 July 16, 2020. Based on the predicted load distribution, slice weight distribution is performed in advance so that arranging delay is saved. A not-for-profit organization, IEEE is the world's largest technical professional organization dedicated to advancing technology for the benefit of humanity. However, the expensive access cost makes it difficult to deliver bulk data between geo-distributed-edge-datacenter. A user clustering scheme is first formulated according to the channel correlation and gain difference of the users. Simulation results show that our proposed solution outperforms the existing solutions (with indivisible tasks or without resource sharing) in terms of both the total cost and the task failure probability. Therefore, there is an urgent need for a security data collection strategy with mobile vehicles in DTN. In this paper, a three-dimensional (3D) model of subway station scenario based on the ray-tracing (RT) technology is exployed to study the channel characteristics at 5G mmWave band. This paper proposes Time-Wasserstein dynamic distribution alignment (TWDDA) to solve drift compensation according to the domain adaptive thought. For the mobile cloud service, the computation and power resources of the mobile terminal are limited. Following that, RA-CG is proposed. Theoretical analysis and simulation experiments indicate that, the derived upper bound closely matches with the theoretical one, especially at low SNR. Space-Time Shift Keying (STSK) is a multi-antenna technique, which transmits additional data bits by selecting indices of a pre-designed dispersion matrix set. Besides, the variance of the unwrapped noise is approximated in closed-form. IEEE ICC 2020 will also include an attractive Industry program aimed at practitioners, with keynotes and panels from prominent research, industry and government leaders, business and industry panels, and vendor exhibits. Aspect sentiment analysis is a fine-grained task of sentiment analysis, which aims to identify the sentiment polarity of specific aspects in a given context. We analyze the upper bound of the two users's word error probabilities in a NOMA group, with non-ideal channel estimation. With the help of widely available ambient signals, backscatter communication can even work without specialized carrier generation. RF device fingerprinting has become an emerging technology which identifies the device-specific fingerprint based on inherent defects in the hardware. In particular, the original data collected by the sensors first are pre-processed by exponential smoothing. With the rapid development of mobile terminals and the ever-expanding deployment of wireless infrastructures, the requirement of location-based services (LBS) has permeated majority industries. We provide a parameter configuration method to combat the geometrical enlargement of the distance from the projection point of a HAP to its users on the normal direction. When authenticating user identity and transmitting content, IBE and IBS are introduced to achieve more efficient and secure identity encryption. ICCCS 2020 is to be held at Indian Institute of Technology Patna, India during October 14-16, 2020. In order to detect the performance of the algorithm, the Reference Signal Receiving Power at the sampling point is calculated by using the Standard Propagation Model. Besides, our scheme brings about 0.6 dB-2.0 dB performance gains. The results can provide insights for the application of tri-polarized MIMO systems. At the same time, collusion attacks are avoided by associating polynomials' degree with the number of users. The problem is solved with an integer linear programming. First, the distribution of Wi-Fi signals in the presence of wall barriers is analyzed according to the Wi-Fi signal model. Nevertheless, we are facing a challenge of design of computation offloading and resource allocation strategy on a part of a task offloaded to MEC server. Simulation results present the effectiveness of proposed hybrid precoding algorithms. Two situations are considered, namely only designing precoding vector for jamming signal when user signal has been determined, and designing precoding vectors for both user and jamming signals by jointly considering the source node. Since trajectory planning and power control are coupled, we propose the alternative optimization (AO) algorithm. In order to improve the convergence speed of the algorithm, the DRL is improved to a hierarchical DRL, centralized DSA is implemented through CBS, and distributed power control is implemented at each secondary user (SU). — This paper studies an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV)-aided Multiple-input-Multiple-output (MIMO) non-orthogonal multiple access (NOMA) system, where a UAV acts as a flying base station (BS) to provide wireless access services to a set of Internet of Things (IoT) devices. These two subproblems are solved alternatively by the branch and bound (BB) method and the convex optimization method, respectively. We then provide a mutual verification strategy to verify the training effectiveness and propose a combination strategy to construct a strong random sequence that will not be learned by the NN or other advanced algorithms. Therefore, the tri-polarized MIMO is promising to improve the performance in rich- scattering scenarios, e.g., UMi scenario. To address these problems, the paper quantifies privacy requirements with sensitivity and concerns more about sensitive groups. In this paper, we propose FairCrowd, a private, fair, and verifiable framework for aggregate statistics in mobile crowdsensing based on the public blockchain. Information for presenters. 27-29 October 2020, Slovak Republic. Thirdly, according to the risk level of a certain dimension of the IoT system, defenders can decide to implement the risk plan and execute the risk management until the risk level was reduced. Improving the security of data transmission in wireless channels is a key and challenging problem in wireless communication. The proposed system consists of a light-emitting diode (LED) source (S), an off-the-grid relay (R) that moves randomly within the coverage of S, and a destination (D) that is located outside the coverage of S. To facilitate communications between S and D, the received optical signal at R in the first phase can be separated into alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC) components for information decoding and energy harvesting, respectively. The correctness of aggregate statistics can be publicly verified by using a new efficient and verifiable computation approach. The IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC) is one of the IEEE Communications Society’s two flagship conferences dedicated to driving innovation in nearly every aspect of communications. To deal with the complicated problem, we employ an alternating optimization method to divide the primary problem into two subproblems. In order to solve the cache pollution attack, we propose a mechanism based on cache partition, which divides the cache of nodes into two parts and stores the content of different popularity respectively. From the experimental results, the scheme only introduces an acceptable delay in file retrieval, and it can request follow-up content very efficiently. 27-29 October 2020, Slovak Republic. Second, the channel allocation problem for UEs is presented to improve the throughput of UEs, and the channel allocation algorithm based on potential game for UEs is provided. Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP (DASH) can adaptively select the appropriate video bitrate for mobile users. For complex and dynamic cognitive radio networks (CRN), this paper proposes a joint DSA and power control scheme based on deep reinforcement learning (DRL). Intelligent reflecting surface (IRS) enhanced transmission has been considered as a promising technology to address the physical layer security issue. Then we propose an iterative algorithm to obtain a suboptimal solution of original problem in polynomial time. In this paper, in order to solve the poor communication problems under the shadowing effect, long-distance transmission, and secure communication, an energy-efficient maximization based resource allocation (RA) algorithm is proposed to improve system energy efficiency (EE) and information security for secure intelligent reflecting surface (IRS) networks under the active eavesdropper. It was shown that the best user can achieve full diversity order while the worst user can only achieve unit diversity order. (Read More) August 17, 2020. With the given optimal phase shifts, the trajectory design subproblem is well solved by resorting to the successive convex approximation method. In this paper, we propose an uplink angle-delay-Doppler domain non-orthogonal multiple access (NOMA) scheme over massive multiple-input multiple-output orthogonal time frequency space (MIMO-OTFS) networks, which is inspired to address the situation that user connectivity is dramatically restricted if users have overlapped angle signature with limited delay-Doppler domain resources. This paper proposes a novel beam tracking for mmWave systems based on deep learning (DL) network. We implement the proposed scheme in the practical system and present experimental results that demonstrate results competitive with those of state-of-the-art models. Finally, we obtain the downlink transmission secrecy rate of cell-free massive MIMO system under the multipath channel model. Home ® How to use our site (Advanced search) Log in : Username. Since the services requirements of IoT devices are dynamic and uncertain and the system can not be full observed by the UAV, it is challenging for UAV to achieve trajectory planning. In this paper, we design a multi-source data fusion scheme in edge computing-enabled vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) cooperative systems, where data fusion can be processed at RSU or vehicle. We formulate the upstream resource allocation as a stratified multi-objective optimization model, which can adjust the spectrum and storage allocation between latency-critical flows and delay-tolerant flows. Paper Title: A Physical Layer Security Scheme with Compressed Sensing in OFDM-based IoT Systems Authors: Jingwei Liu; Qin Hu; Rong Sun; Xiaojiang Du; Mohsen Guizani. These were carefully reviewed and selected from approximately 2100 paper submissions. It can avoid the blind adjustment of the preselected atom set caused by the excessive adjustment of the sparseness, which leads to the increase of the algorithm calculation complexity, thereby improving the algorithm's reconstruction ability and reducing the algorithm calculation complexity, effectively reducing the redundancy of the preselected atom set. In this paper, we jointly investigate beamforming and phase shift of reconfigurable intelligent surface (RIS) for energy efficiency (EE) maximization in an MISO downlink system with multiple users. We extend our heartfelt thanks and appreciation to all of our technical community for your understanding and community engagement. The edge nodes are in charge of not only monitoring and collecting data, but also to train an anomaly detection neural network classification model based on the local data. In this paper, we propose an enhanced handover scheme for cellular-connected UAVs. It is worthy noted that in UMi scenario, there is a nearly threefold CG in both line-of-sight (LOS) and non-line-of-sight (NLOS) routes by analyzing CC and ED. The technical program […] DQN and DDPG can deal with large scale state spaces and learn efficient offloading proportion of task and power allocation independently at each UE. Security proof results show that our scheme has privacy preserving. Motivated by this, we explore a novel RIS-assisted aerial-ground communication scenario, investigating the UAV trajectory design and RIS's phase shift optimization problem aiming at maximizing the sum rate. SDN controller dynamically adjusts the task computing mode and resource allocation scheme to meet the users' needs. Traditional filters are dedicated to reducing the out-of-band noise while the in-band noise is beyond their capability. It is worth mentioning that in terms of feature extraction, we innovatively use the empirical mode decomposition (EMD) algorithm to extract the difference in time series of similar actions. Experiment results show that the two enhanced models have outstanding advantages in better privacy at the expense of a little data utility. This novel architecture is used to offload computing-intensive applications and services for IoT users in the marine environment. 8:30 AM The average error rates of SMS, phone, and web traffic will be reduced, so that the user load distribution can be obtained a priori. At present, for optical networks with MEC, a key issue is how to provide services with lower latency and higher efficiency for end-users. Finally,the real data of IoT company is used to evaluate the risk level of IoT system. In addition, the destination-relay link has greater impact on the secrecy performance than the relay-destination link. The proposed problem is formulated as an optimization problem whose goal is to minimize the weighted sum of the delay and energy consumption of the UAV and all users by adjusting the task computing mode and resource allocation scheme. Simulation results demonstrate that BSH and SH have similar performance. Furthermore, the bit-error-rate (BER) and average-delay closed-form expressions of the proposed protocol are derived over multipath Rayleigh fading channels, which are validated via simulations. In addition, dynamic and traceable pseudonym technique is used to prevent the disclosure of patient identity after multiple data submissions. Subjects include Communications Theory, Wireless Communications, Wireless Networking, Optical Networking, Next Generation Networks for Universal Services, Multimedia Communication and Home Networking, Signal Processing for Communications, Communications QoS, Reliability and … It will be held in Chengdu every year. However, the existing algorithms have high beam training overhead, and it is difficult to achieve real-time tracking of the beam. As a fully virtual conference, all the presentations will be given via pre-recorded videos during September 18 – 20, 2020 based on Hawaii's time zone through the BigMarker Video Broadcasting Platform. In this paper, a software-defined A2G framework is proposed to efficiently and flexibly select multiple ground base stations for data transmissions from a global perspective. Then, the main factors affecting channel characteristics, including antenna position, antenna array, array element spacing, etc., were analyzed to provide some recommendations for the design of 5G communication network in urban rail traffic station. Based on dynamic offloading and resource allocation strategy, the best offloading proportion of a task, local calculation power and transmission power are investigated by deep reinforcement learning (DRL). The aim of the conference is to … To reduce the computational complexity, we further introduce a successive convex approximation approach. Moreover, the mismatch of fingerprint due to various environmental interferences during the online localization phase is another critical issue to be addressed. In order to satisfy the increasing demand for higher transmission capacity of ``smart subway", millimeter wave (mmWave) plays a significant role to provide high-data rate communication. Then, the fractional objective function is transformed into a parameter subtractive form by using Dinkelbach's approach meanwhile the coupled beamforming vector of BS and the phase shift of IRS are decoupled by using an alternative iteration method. Key channel parameters such as path loss, root mean square (RMS) delay spread, Ricean K-factor, angular spread, etc., are investigated. Moreover, the location of vehicles on each street is modeled by a one-dimensional PPP and base stations (BSs) are located at the intersection of streets. Numerous devices with sporadic access behavior characterize these scenarios; therefore, only a subset is active. The information-centric networking, which aims to solve the demand for distributing a large amount of content on the Internet, has proved to be a promising example for various network solutions, such as the Vehicular ad-hoc network (VANET).