Press Release on Interest Rates Participating Committee Members. The vote was unanimous on all counts among the ten members participating. The Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) has decided to: The Monetary Policy Committee held its meeting from October 7, 2020 to October 9, 2020. Naci Ağbal (Governor), Murat Çetinkaya, Ömer Duman, Uğur Namık Küçük, Oğuzhan Özbaş, Emrah Şener, Abdullah Yavaş. The committee rejected tightening for fear of the impact on growth and credit extension, and loosening for the perceived boost to liquidity and inflation. The reverse repo rate under the LAF is also unchanged at 3.35%. Notably for this meeting, the MPC got three new members replacing earlier ones (Ravindra Dholakia, Pami Dua and Chetan Ghate) as their four-year tenure ended in September 2020. FOMC Rules and Authorizations are also available online. The dates of the MPC's meeting will be announced shortly," the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) had said in a statement on September 28. On 17 September, the Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) of the South African Reserve Bank (SARB) left the repurchase rate unchanged at its all-time low of 3.50%, after lowering it by 25 basis points in its previous meeting. 2020 Committee Members. The minutes are published two weeks after the announcement of the Committee's decision. As per the decisions from MPC Committee members, the repo rate or the rate at which RBI lends to the banks in unchanged to 4%. The monetary policy committee (MPC) left its policy rate of 11.50% and other parameters unchanged on Tuesday. On the basis of an assessment of the current and evolving macroeconomic situation, the Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) at its meeting today (December 4, 2020) decided to: keep the policy repo rate under the liquidity adjustment facility (LAF) unchanged at 4.0 per cent. "The meeting of the Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) during September 29, 30 and October 1, 2020 is being rescheduled. No: 2020-68. For more detail on the FOMC and monetary policy, see section 2 of the brochure on the structure of the Federal Reserve System and chapter 2 of Purposes & Functions of the Federal Reserve System. The monetary policy committee was recently formed and its members were recently appointed by the Government of India. 19 November 2020. The decision was not unanimous as two of the five-member committee voted for further easing, and it came as a surprise to market analysts, who had favored RBI has decided to keep interest rates unchanged for the third time in a row and has maintained the policy stance at ‘accommodative’. monetary policy committee meeting News and Updates from The Meeting Schedule of the Monetary Policy Committee for 2020-2021: June 3 to 5, 2020: August 4 to 6, 2020: September 29-30 & October 1, 2020: December 2 to 4, 2020: February 3 to 5, 2021: Apr 17, 2020: RBI Governor’s address to the media: Governor’s Statement: Economists Jayant R Varma, Shashank Bhide and Ashima Goyal were made the part of the monetary policy committee. 02 December 2020 In accordance with the Monetary Policy Committee Rules of Procedure, the minutes of the Committee's most recent meeting have been published on the Bank's website. Jerome H. Powell, Board of Governors, Chairman This was our expectation. The 6-member 25th Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) meeting of Reserve Bank of India (RBI) was held from October 7-9, 2020 which was headed by RBI Governor Shaktikanta Das. Monetary Policy Statement, 2020-21 Resolution of the Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) December 2-4, 2020 RBI leaves Repo Rate unchanged at 4%. Consequently, the reverse re