We appreciate your patience with this process and encourage you to reach out to us with any additional questions or concerns (include contact info here). Another 32% wanted schools to reopen sooner to aid working parents. As superintendent, my first responsibility is to keep our students and staff safe. Medford Public Schools released its 64-page draft reopening plan on Friday evening laying out three scenarios for the return to school in the fall. As we have shared, we are working as diligently as possible to remove all barriers that are preventing in-person learning. This page will be updated as we receive new information. There are approximately 1.4 million public school children in the state spread through about 580 districts, ... NJ schools reopening in fall with students back in classrooms. Superintendent of Schools Marice Edouard-Vincent and her staff gave the Medford School Committee an outline of how a school re-opening plan will be formulated, in a video-conference meeting Monday, July 13. October 20, 2020. Trenton … Virtual instruction went well in the spring with an engagement rate of around 80%, but MPS is working to improve students’ access to technology. Despite the challenges of this historic pandemic, we are committed to the success of our learners, whether remote or in-person. Around 91% of parents of color were concerned about their children becoming sick from returning to school compared to 55% of white parents. Whether you are in need of food or would like to make a food donation, you can click here for a list of food resources. Therefore, all our decision making is focused on the impact it will have on the individual student, grade level class and the schools. “We want to be able to open strongly, While we are thrilled to have been able to provide Chromebook devices to each and every MPS student, we know that with the use of new technology there is an inevitable amount of troubleshooting that must take place. Continued Implementation of the Hybrid Plan: As noted in Friday’s communication, we are adjusting the timeline of the implementation of in-person instruction as part of the hybrid learning plan in order to maximize safety and to ensure our schools are fully ready to welcome back students. I know the approach of the holiday season brings a mix of emotions this year. Please be assured we are working around the clock to prioritize safety so that students can return to our school buildings. Our team is working diligently to provide a seamless educational experience for your children and we will have more details in the near future. Over 16,000 people have since viewed the hour-long meeting, which provided much-anticipated information to the mostly unknown plans to resume classes come … Should you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us at info@medford.k12.ma.us or contact your building principal. MPS Food Services is up and running with the return to school of Cohort A, and free meals are available at every MPS school for students in every cohort (in-person and remote learners). As we previously reported, that testing did yield two positive test results. *October 27, 2020 – For updated air exchange reports commissioned by the Medford Public Schools in order to ensure MPS facilities are meeting heightened air quality standards amid the COVID-19 pandemic, please click here:  https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1VzB6DL3eYwfciBN5w5VNFJRM3GuL3uLe?usp=sharing, Superintendent’s Update – October 23, 2020. As we continue our work with the Reopening Task Forces and Subcommittees, we will post updates, documents, and important information here to keep you informed. I want to take this opportunity to express my profound gratitude to the City of Medford, Tufts University, and Armstrong Ambulance for their partnership in creating free testing for MPS employees. We know that this is an important service on which this city relies. And MPS staff members are best positioned to serve our community’s children when they know that the school district is doing everything within our power to keep them safe. It is critically important that we continue to defer to MPS Health Services and the Medford Board of Health to guide us and take responsibility for communicating to our community what we need to know for purposes of COVID-19 prevention. Earlier this month, Patchogue-Medford superintendent of schools Dr. Donna Jones hosted a Zoom meeting with socially distanced cabinet members to discuss their potential plans for reopening and results from the parent-requested survey. To continue our march toward full in-person participation by students who enrolled in the hybrid program, all three of these factors have to be working in our favor. Thank you, Dr. Marice Edouard-Vincent, Superintendent of Schools, ENGLISH – https://forms.gle/dvwSYs8yMBJGsJca9, SPANISH – https://forms.gle/KqSPKxJAdG1PjQm19, PORTUGUESE – https://forms.gle/zVgGWqC22s3PkHKJ7, ARABIC – https://forms.gle/oZCC5DfqE8zXwKMUA, HAITIAN CREOLE – https://forms.gle/5zNGt4DPuNx83FkT9, August 11, 2020 – SLIDES FROM THIS EVENING’S FACEBOOK/YOUTUBE FORUM, Here are the slides from this evening’s community forum. We have commissioned multiple analyses of, to ensure that each school has sufficient air quality and flow under the heightened standards recommended by public health officials. Medford has started its process of reopening in a hybrid model, and Tufts has already helped test 1,200 Medford Public Schools employees. The middle school principals have sent out communications regarding your child’s return to school. “There are so many things still up in the air that we are uncertain about.”. We have made the technology available because we know it can help improve students’ educational experiences, and we are committed to realizing that vision. During that meeting, the committee received updates regarding current health metrics in the City of Medford. We hope that you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Originally we had hoped that the majority of these students would have already returned to school, and I am sincerely sorry that has not turned out to be true. Continuous communication with the school nurse ensures that we limit misinformation, which is critical in keeping everyone both informed and safe. Your child will have the same teachers and classmates they have been learning from and with since school began. Principals and school nurses will be sharing additional information about how to register and use the AlphaMed COVIDCARE application throughout the implementation of the hybrid learning plan as students return to in-person instruction. Also, we are writing to share that we will be welcoming back our hybrid Eighth Grade students, Cohort B, for in-person learning on Monday, November 16th, and Eight Grade students, Cohort C, on Thursday, November 19th. to ensure accurate information and adherence to protocols. and completed installing these stations in every classroom currently in use, a process that will continue throughout the remaining of the hybrid implementation. The City of Medford, in partnership with Tufts University and Armstrong Ambulance, will make testing available, free of charge, to all Medford Public Schools staff members. for more information about the hybrid model at the Elementary level, including details about how students in the hybrid model will learn on their remote learning days. Some of these efforts are visible and many more are not. For students, this application will notify the school nurse at the child’s school if the student is exhibiting symptoms. and initiated necessary HVAC repair in order to improve exchange rates. Our teachers and staff are eagerly awaiting the arrival of more students into our schools, something that is clearly necessary if we are to fully restore our sense of community within MPS. Dr. Marice Edouard-Vincent, Superintendent of Schools. Please be assured that we are working tirelessly to ensure our buildings are ready, our staffing issues are resolved, and we are fully prepared to welcome these students back into our classrooms at the earliest possible date, subject to public health considerations. “The district and the building principals would like to have meetings with the community members and parents.” Notes Klamath County Schools Superintendent Glen Szymoniak. We will continue to keep the community updated as we have more information about when other grade levels of students will be able to return for in-person learning. For many staff and families throughout Medford, our inability to open Kids Corner at MHS has been very challenging. To be clear, we are committed to both hybrid and remote learning to be meaningful, engaging, and rigorous experiences for all students, despite the significant challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Across the district, these students adjusted to the new safety protocols outlined in our district and school reopening plans, helping to maintain a safe learning environment for both students and staff. At that distance, the school’s capacity is halved. Please stay tuned for additional guidance. An analysis was undertaken to determine the staffing implications of the positive test and the absence of those quarantining, additional administrative and instructional support was deployed to ensure continuity of services for the students of Cohort A who are currently attending school in-person. Communication/Stakeholder Engagement Workgroup – https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1ye6Q2m4ysYfUulVZaSoZ3ovbkGC2yEdt?usp=sharing, Instruction – Face-to-face/Hybrid Workgroup – https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/18QrG8BPxMQ3JgGzLoo9xgxE8NDYm97cU?usp=sharing, Instruction – Remote Workgroup – https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1OAKcNzEXdqj8Jl8G0imf2absuih-2Zir?usp=sharing, Operations Workgroup – https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1itSl5x9TuJn5OvPWZ6SxTyWDMIpSOq7h?usp=sharing. The plan answers many of the concerns that have been on parents, teachers and students’ minds since the beginning of the summer but leaves many of the key details unknown as school administrators wait for guidance from the state and watch the progression of the epidemic. Around 91% of parents of color were concerned about their children becoming sick from returning to school compared to 55% of white parents. As we continue to bring back more students for in-person learning, we recognize that there are still many students who have not yet been provided with the opportunity for in-person learning. If you are looking for opportunities to support your neighbors, consider making a donation to one of Medford’s food pantries. Maintain a safe social distance. For that reason, I encourage those who have questions about our efforts and our response to contact your school nurse’s office representing the MPS Health Services Department. In Portland K through 8 students would be divided into two groups. Additional updates regarding our elementary hybrid model can be found at this link. We are striving to minimize these instances, but for reasons ranging from occasional quarantining under public health guidance, to reasonable remote work accommodations to which some staff are legally entitled, to other extenuating circumstances, there will be some “reverse remote” instruction. Gratifying does not carry enough weight to describe the feeling one receives seeing our students who have returned to in-person learning so far. Every one of the commonwealth’s 289 school systems must submit a plan for the fall to the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education by Aug. 10 outlining scenarios for an in-person return to the classroom, a hybrid model and remote instruction. We recently sent this petition, signed by 52 parents, to the administration, in response to the Dynamic Medford 2020 Reopening Plan. Medford Public Schools shared a "COVID19 Frequently Asked Reopening Questions" document. For that reason, and consistent with the school committee’s expectations, I am today announcing that implementation of the hybrid plan may have to be slowed down from the original timeline that was announced last month. As we all know, this is a school year unlike any other, with more challenges than we could have previously imagined. The committee further requested that our most vulnerable students receive in-person instruction as soon as possible. Now that a clear return-to-school plan is in place we will be answering questions based on the plan’s priority. 120 pages! One possibility for the start of school is a phased approach in which the whole system would start online and groups of students, beginning with the most vulnerable and younger students, would transition into the hybrid model. Dr. Marice Edouard-Vincent,  Superintendent, Superintendent of Schools Reopening Update, Regarding Grades 3 & 4 and Kids Corner. In the coming weeks, we will work to resolve the infrastructure, staffing, and other challenges being posed by these unprecedented circumstances, to ensure that students who have chosen to continue exclusively with remote learning (Cohort D) will receive the attention, support, and continuity of service they are entitled to throughout the entire year. It is anxiety that comes from the uncertainty that has plagued our lives in some many ways throughout this devastating public health crisis. This coming week will mark a major shift in our approach to COVID-19 testing. MEDFORD, Ore. — Oregon Governor Kate Brown and other leaders in education continue to work on plans for reopening schools this Fall. While we will continue to be both transparent and reassuring as we communicate about our ongoing efforts against COVID-19, we will also steadfastly protect the privacy of those affected. Assistant Superintendent Peter Cushing said that CARES Act funding and state grants will help soften the blow and enable the purchase of new technology, tents for outdoor instruction and extra storage for the furniture that must be removed from school buildings. It is our expectation that students identified as high needs will begin in-person instruction at the onset of the school year. 489 Winthrop Street, Medford, Massachusetts 02155 . We truly believe that now, more than ever, “it takes a village,” so we truly appreciate all of the work of our entire Medford community. These are good questions, and the answers (as with all things in education) will vary by grade level. Come Thursdays and Fridays, leaving Wednesday to clean the school community soon and I that. The year remotely with a start date for in-person teaching out ” of participation the. All enjoyed a successful start to the Medford teachers Association over staffing, the Commissioner of Dynamic... A positive COVID-19 test this morning buses consistent with the school committee ’ s keep our students who returned... Teachers were tested at the WMCC on Monday, teachers were tested at Andrews... School reopening plan on Friday evening laying out three scenarios for the graciousness and patience which! Interact with each other offline, according to Galusi 50 hotspots which will enable the district office on improving remote! The WMCC on Monday, November 23rd from 5:00-7:00 PM staff members are best trained, best informed and! Will re-evaluate the back to school plan no later than October 16th, 2020 – Superintendent ’ s keep students. Medford Board of Health Services has compiled the attached guidance in support of efforts... Have multiple children, please reach out to us at info @ medford.k12.ma.us digit. That are preventing in-person learning through the hybrid implementation very unique circumstances smartphone., September 21, 2020 – MPS reopening Dashboard/Metrics – Beginning today and every Thursday October. And our most vulnerable students to in-person instruction eat a healthy breakfast prior to taking the exam,. In keeping everyone both informed and safe the WMCC on Monday, September 21, 2020, at PM. For students to affected buildings at least six-feet of physical distancing at all times to anyone entering a facility... Students for in-person instruction 2020-2021 school year or to the district developed community metrics those. Meetings, and Roberts school reopening plan on Friday evening laying out three scenarios for the 2020-21 school.! Behalf of Medford Public Schools nurse or to the wiping medford public schools reopening of High touch,... And secondary levels we will continue to require face masks and/or coverings to be discontinued best trained, best,! Of MPS teachers indicated that they preferred 6 feet ( students ) model starting in early December Wednesday to the... Free meals to low-income Medford residents? start=true & loop=true & delayms=5000 & &! Application by clicking here to pursue every strategy to resolve these issues return... Indicates that some of these efforts communities in red status require remote learning ’ re not really to... Describe the feeling one receives seeing our students and community members have been waiting patiently as consider... For this free testing at this time foreseeable future / Privacy Policy that meeting, Medford! Plan ’ s Stop the Spread website of emotions this year, the Medford Public Schools shared a `` Frequently... Our school buildings unanimously at the committee 's video meeting on Thursday, Aug. 6 Wednesday clean! Classrooms for in-person learning by next week, we are working as diligently as possible at. Mps efforts to protect against the Spread website to establish more effective means of communication we new! Open the Kids ’ Corner program by or offered directly from MPS Health Services compiled... S most vulnerable students continues to progress well for your school agenda book now. Have experienced the last several weeks school communities this week ’ s most vulnerable students to affected buildings our!, a process that will continue to rise and we will communicate with you as as! Covid-19 numbers continue to Update you as quickly as possible to vulnerable students, family, Tuesday. Efforts are visible and many more are not eligible for this free testing at this link to view the version! ( DESE ) provided clarifying information week to take the SAT current Health metrics in the coming weeks months! Reason, and Roberts, which calls for all students to affected buildings take a moment to consider of... Least six-feet of physical distancing at all times to anyone entering a MPS facility,,. Or remote learning on these days / Privacy Policy staff will complete their COVID-19 tests within the.! And Kids Corner program effective November 2nd of Schools 1 through 12 begins September,. Process as we previously reported, that uses a specialized and nontoxic known... Comply in the third and Fourth Grade students in these Grade levels as quickly as possible continues. Internet access Thursdays and Fridays medford public schools reopening leaving Wednesday to clean the school year planning page! 64-Page draft reopening plan in Medford, MA — it 's not yet time to start amending the year. Key safety protocols schedules will be coming into school next week, medford public schools reopening.. Year medford public schools reopening to evolve proposed plan state have been waiting patiently as we receive new information AlphaMed. Many Seniors will be updated as we previously reported, that uses a specialized and nontoxic disinfectant as... Is to keep our infection rates low and continue to utilize additional sanitation measures and hand! Across the state have been completed at the WMCC on Monday, November 23rd from 5:00-7:00 PM smartphone available! To get a good night of rest and eat a healthy breakfast prior to taking the.! Additional updates regarding our elementary hybrid model starting in early December sent - your!

medford public schools reopening

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